Gorilla Trekking Guide For Women On Safaris In Uganda

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is without doubt a once-in-lifetime adventure to see the rare mountain gorillas in their natural environment. It is exceptional experiences which no other activity can match and in the world, the mountain gorillas can only be spotted in their natural habitat not at the zoo-this applies to other mountain gorilla destinations. Mountain gorillas live only…

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Why Mountain Gorillas are Endangered Species?

Mountain Gorilla With A Baby

International Union for Conservation of Nature, a popular worldwide organization working in conservation and preservation of the environment and natural resources each time comes up with a research report on different wildlife species or natural habitats. In the early 1990s, the mountain gorillas were red-listed as endangered species since there were threats of extinction in the near future. Up-to-date…

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Nine Facts About African Gorillas

African Mountain Gorillas

Gorillas are the largest ape primate species that spend their life span in the forest. They are man’s second-closest relative after the chimpanzees and they contain 98.3% of the human DNA. Gorillas are divided into two species the eastern gorillas which are also subdivided into mountain Gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas and the western gorillas divided into the cross…

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What May stop you from seeing the gorillas in the Jungle

Do you know that you can fail to see gorillas even after reaching the gorilla park? Yes, whereas it’s rare for travelers to miss out on seeing the endangered gorillas, the incident can happen on rare occasions.  There are certain reasons,  that may stop you from seeing the endangered gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo….

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Ngiri Reserve Congo

If you are planning to spend your next safari holiday in the Democratic Republic of Congo and you are looking for the most exceptional conservation area to visit then Ngiri Reserve is the best choice that you should make and you won’t regret thereafter. The Ngiri Reserve is natural wonder of its own. It lies in the western side…

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Mikeno Lodge in DR Congo

Are you planning a mountain gorilla safari in Congo (Virunga National Park) but you are wondering about where you spend a night before or thereafter your breathtaking adventure? Have you ever heard about Mikeno Lodge? Well, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of the three only countries in the world where the rare mountain gorillas are inhabited and…

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