Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls is among the wonderful National parks in Uganda. It is located in north western Uganda, spreading inland from the shore of Lake Albert around the Victoria Nile. En route to this park, visitors can also visit the ziwa Rhino sanctuary to track some of the few remaining Rhinoes in the world. The park was named before Murchison Fall waterfall, itself named for a president of the Royal Geographical Society. In size, the park is 3840 square kilometer making it the Largest Park in Uganda and it is among the Uganda’s first national park in1952.

Top of Murchison Falls in Uganda

The park is bisected by the Victoria Nile from east to west for a distance of about 115 kilometers (71 mi). The park is the location of the famous Murchison Falls, where the waters of the majestic Nile River squeeze through a narrow gorge, only 7 metres (23 ft) wide, before plunging 43 meters (141 ft) below.

Tourist attraction in Murchison national park

In Murchison national park, expect to see Buffalos, elephants, lions, leopards alongside a variety of amazing animals. It is unfortunate that Rhinos went on extinction by 1983, but were re-introduced into Uganda in 2005 by Rhino Fund Uganda.

Birds are also seen with 451 species recorded. Examples of such special birds include; Shoebill stork, the Goliath Heron, Grey crowned crane, blue- headed coucal, swamp flucather, squacco heron, African Jacana, sandpipers, Black-billed Barbet, Black-headed Gonolek, East Grey plantain-eater, piapiac, Silverbird, weaver birds, pied, Giant and Malachite kingfishers, Red-throted, bee-eater, White-browed, Sparrow weaver, speckle- fronted weaver and African Quail-Finch.

Chimpanzee tracking is also among the activities enjoyed in the park. Chimpanzees are found in Budongo forest which hosts around 800 of them. The forest also protects almost 289 butterflies and 465 plant species. Budongo forest in Murchison fall is the biggest Mahogany forest found in the whole of East Africa. The major tourist sites within this forest are: the Kaniyo Pabidi Ecotourism site, Busingiro Ecotourism site and Kaniyo Pabidi Ecotourism site which are located at boundaries to Murchison Falls National Park and dominated by Mahogany and Iron-wood trees. The 115 kilometer expanse is a remote chunck of the Budongo forest. Its isolation once in a while offers a safe haven for the Lions, Leopards as well as Buffaloes.

giraffesCultural Encounters in the park:

Energetic dancers from Mubako perform around lodge campfires, making for a magical African experience at dusk. Boomu Women’s Group offers accommodation, a craft shop and village tours, revealing the realities of life in this rural community.

Game Drives in Murchison falls National park:

A game drive around the Buligi game tracks on the northern bank with a trained ranger guide is a fantastic way to see and photograph the wide range of animals in the Nile Valley. Your guide will have a good idea where the lions are hiding, and you may even spot a leopard at dusk!

Hiking or Nature tours in the park:

The vast landscapes and varied scenery of Murchison Falls National Park and the surrounding Conservation Area can be explored on foot. Trails through Kaniyo Pabidi and Rabongo Forests provide sightings of many primates and birds, while around the Nile Delta, 2-4 hour guided swamp walks offer possible Shoebill sightings.

Boat cruise in Murchison Falls:

The launch trip upstream from Paraa presents an astonishing display of wildlife and culminates with the memorable frontal view of the Falls. Recommended for birders is a morning cruise downstream to the Nile-Lake Albert Delta. Alternatively, a tranquil sundowner cruise offers the classic view of an equatorial sunset reflected on the river.

Sport Fishing in the park:

The banks of the Nile below Murchison Falls provide exciting challenges to anglers. Living within strong currents and highly oxygenated water is the Nile perch. There is the chance to land a massive catch – the record is 108kg!

Visitors can stay in Budongo Ecolodge, Chobe safari Lodge, Murchison safari lodge, GeoLodge Nile safari lodge, Paraa safari lodge, Rest Chilli rest Camp and so on.

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